At the start of the new year we talked a lot about the need to refresh the home, to chart a new decorative course for the new decade, but what about the need to refresh ourselves? With February upon us, and Valentine’s (or Galentine’s!) Day just a couple weeks away, we’re thinking a lot about the need to cater to ourselves, and treat our senses to reset. With the beauty industry dominating our at home rituals when it comes to pampering and slowing down—let’s face it, there’s no denying the popularity of face masks—we think it’s time the home space caught up!


The bath is perhaps one of the last places left in the modern smart home to truly unplug, to light a candle and give ourselves a moment to just be. If the latest trend in wellness is self-love, we’re all about that life this month! Looking to products to enhance our relaxation, what about stepping out of the shower into the cozy folds of our Juno Bath Collection? 100% cotton and on trend with a nature-inspired palette, this little touch of cozy luxury could give you that boost you need. We know that 55% of our shoppers are drawn to “relaxed luxury,” so indulge in some cozy fabrics infused with timeless luxurious design.



Whether your bath is a minimalist dream or a little bit rustic, the perfect bath collection goes a long way toward creating that sense of simple organization we all crave. Consider a collection like Nomad, as just the name itself inspires a sense of travel, wander, and luxury. White with painterly shades of coastal blues, the calming modern aesthetic of this collection could be just what you need when stepping out of the bath.

However you choose to relax and unwind, we hope you let a few essential bath accessories be your much-needed pampering tools! That and a good book, a steaming cup of tea, a refreshing face mask…the list is endless. In this day and age of always-on technology, we’re going to need to invest more and more in the little moments we take for ourselves.





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