What is Turkish Cotton?

Turkish cotton is a wonderful material grown exclusively in certain regions of Turkey. Renowned for its especially high quality, the cotton itself has extra-long fibers similar to those of Egyptian cotton. This property of Turkish cotton allows the material to be made into fabric with fewer joins, resulting in towels and other high-quality products that are smoother, stronger, and more luxurious than other types of cotton. Turkish cotton is also unique in that it dries quickly while still being plush and absorbent. This inhibits the growth of mildew in towels made of Turkish cotton and helps to prevent odors. Complete your luxurious bathroom makeover with the new Croscill Gramercy 6-Piece Towel Bundle made completely from this wonderful cotton. This set features two wash cloths (12” x 12”), two hand towels (20” x 30”), and two bath towels (28” x 54”). For the ultimate experience, compliment your new towels with the coordinating Croscill Lotus Organic Cotton Robe Set complete with a Turkish cotton robe and a pair of comfortable slippers.

What Makes Turkish Cotton Better than Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is also known for its quality. It has comparable softness to Turkish cotton and can even absorb more water. However, this is not desirable for towels. Towels made of Egyptian cotton are too absorbent. This keeps the cotton from drying quickly and makes towels prone to growing mildew and retaining odor without meticulous drying. Egyptian cotton towels are so absorbent that they may become damp on their own in humid environments like bathrooms!  Turkish cotton offers the perfect balance of absorbency, luxurious feel, and quick-drying capability.

How to Care for the Gramercy Towel Bundle and Lotus Organic Cotton Robe Sets:

The First Wash

The Croscill Gramercy towels and Lotus Organic Cotton Robe Set are made from 100% Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton towels and robes get softer and more absorbent the more you wash them. Before first using, it is best to wash or soak your towels in cold water for several hours and then allow them to hang dry. This causes the cotton fibers to bloom and expand, allowing them to soak up more water. The Croscill Gramercy towels will become even softer and more luxurious over their lifetime with each wash. Turkish cotton is a natural fiber, so these towels will typically have some loose fibers that will disappear after the first wash.

Croscill Gramercy Towel and Lotus Robe Maintenance

After you have broken in your 100% Turkish cotton Gramercy towels and Lotus Organic Cotton Robe, they can be machine washed regularly. Avoid using bleach and instead use oxygen-based whiteners only as bleach can damage the cotton. Alternatively, white Turkish cotton can be washed occasionally with ¼ cup of peroxide to keep it looking brand new. Baking soda and white vinegar can also be used for spot-treatment on tough stains before washing. Tumble drying with high heat can damage your Turkish cotton towels. Use low or no heat when using a dryer or alternate with air drying. Avoid washing Turkish cotton towels with other items that have zippers, hooks, or anything that could snag on your towels and damage them. If a thread does get pulled, the loop may be safely cut with a pair of scissors.

Is it Safe to Use Fabric Softener on Turkish Cotton Towels?

Just like any other type of towel or cleaning cloth, washing Turkish cotton towels with fabric softener is not recommended. Fabric softener contains silicone which coats the fibers of whatever fabric you use it on. This might make your towels seem fluffier, but the silicone coats the Turkish cotton fibers, repelling water and making them practically useless for drying yourself or cleaning surfaces. The best way to keep your Gramercy towels and Lotus Cotton Robe Set soft and plush is to machine wash them with about one cup of white vinegar AFTER a normal wash cycle with regular detergent. Keep in mind that normal washing and drying makes Turkish cotton gradually become softer and more absorbent on its own.


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